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Different technologies are being used increasingly in dentistry, and with good reason; they improve your comfort by streamlining your treatment and help us deliver the most favorable long-term treatment outcomes. Dr. Darin Bateman is a dedicated professional who has taken countless hours of continuing education and pursued advanced training in many areas. His knowledge and skill, combined with our leading-edge technology, ensures that we will provide you with the best that dentistry has to offer. 

Please take a few moments to look at the different types of technology and how they benefit you. If you have questions, or you're ready to schedule an appointment, please call our Azle, TX dental office to arrange an appointment.

LANAP Periodontal Treatment

In the past, the standard treatment for moderate to severe gum disease was gum surgery. This was often a painful procedure with long recovery times.

Today Dr. Bateman uses Laser-Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP) treatment that offers a patient-friendly alternative to gum surgery. LANAP is the only FDA-cleared protocol for the regeneration of the structures that support your teeth and reattachment of gum tissue

For you, this means shorter treatment times, less discomfort and pain, and significantly shorter recovery times.

During the procedure, a tiny fiber is placed gently between gum and teeth and gets rid of diseased tissue inside the periodontal pocket. The fiber selectively removes diseased tissue and kills germs that cause gum infections while it leaves healthy tissue unharmed. Ultrasonic root cleaners are used to vibrate away deposits from the roots and flush them with an antibacterial rinse.

Once these surfaces are cleaned, Dr. Bateman uses the lasers a second time at the bottom of the pocket to remove remaining debris and sterilize the pocket, soft tissue, roots, and bone. The treatment causes blood to clot and creates a seal around teeth. Once a seal is formed, we have a clean, closed, and stable environment where healing can begin.

The procedure is usually done under a local anesthetic and takes place over two appointments. We treat one half of your mouth at the first appointment and the other half at your second.

LANAP benefits patients who have moderate to severe gum disease, and it’s also an excellent option for patients who don’t wish to undergo cut-and-stitch gum surgery.

Digital Records

At Eagle Mountain Family Dental, we strive to streamline your treatment and provide you with the best possible outcomes. Digital dentistry helps us accomplish that goal, and today we can store all your x-rays, intraoral images, and comprehensive patient records on our secure in-house network.

Your information is readily available, and we can easily access it as needed for diagnosing or monitoring dental conditions. We can also share your records electronically with specialists and insurance companies as needed.

Panoramic X-Rays

A standard digital x-ray captures a view of a few teeth and the supporting bone structure, which is all we require in most cases. In some cases, however, Dr. Bateman needs to see the bigger picture, and that is when he would recommend a panoramic x-ray. A panoramic x-ray is a single image that gives us a view of your upper and lower dental arches. It includes all your teeth, your upper and lower jaw, and surrounding facial structures.

In addition to diagnosing cavities and gum disease, we use panoramic x-rays to:

  • Evaluate for orthodontics and track progress during treatment
  • Evaluate the jaw joint (TMJ) to diagnose disorders
  • Monitor wisdom teeth development
  • Detect oral cancer, dental abscesses, cysts, and tumors

Taking panoramic images is comfortable and non-invasive. Just stand in front of the machine while it rotates around your head in a semi-circle. The high-definition images are immediately available for review by our dentist.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide is a time-tested solution for calming patients during their dental procedure. It’s been safely used for over 100 years and is even mild enough to use with children.

Also called inhalation dental sedation, nitrous oxide is a gas that’s mixed with oxygen and inhaled through a small nasal mask. Breathe normally, and in just a few moments, you will start to feel very calm and relaxed. You may feel euphoric, and the activity around you will seem far away. The goal of nitrous oxide is not to put you to sleep, although you may feel drowsy. The effects of nitrous leave your body quickly so that you can drive yourself home from your appointment.

Intraoral Cameras

An intraoral camera is a small handheld digital camera that Dr. Bateman directs over your teeth during your dental exam. As he does, the images appear in real-time on your chairside monitor. There's no more mystery about what the dentist is talking about because you can see the problem for yourself.

Understanding your oral health and making treatment decisions is so much easier when you have the complete picture. Intraoral cameras at our Azle, TX dental office open the door to include you in the decision-making process. With intraoral cameras, you become an active part of the process of identifying and diagnosing problems and determining the best course of treatment for your needs.

We can save the images to your digital patient record so we can refer to them in the future or send them to insurance companies and specialists as needed.

Digital X-Rays

We take dental x-rays as needed to diagnose conditions or to update your patient history. While visual exams are essential, they only tell us part of the story.

Dr. Darin Bateman uses digital dental x-rays of your teeth to see what is happening inside your tooth. Many dental problems start to develop inside your teeth or under your gums, making dental x-rays invaluable for giving us the big picture.

Digital x-rays capture images of the inside of your teeth using low levels of radiation. These x-rays help Dr. Bateman identify problems like cavities, tooth decay, gum disease, and impacted teeth.

We always use a lead apron for protection, but you are exposed to about 80 percent less radiation with digital x-rays than you are with traditional film x-rays. Also, since the images are digital, Dr. Bateman can view them with you on your chairside monitor. He can zoom in and enlarge or rotate the image, so you have a clear picture of what is happening and why we recommend treatment.

If you have questions about dental x-rays or would like to schedule an appointment, please call Eagle Mountain Family Dental at (817) 270-4746.

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